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Favorite Riding off small drop off

Tunnel, Otero, West Figure 8

9.4 mi 15.2 km 1,175' Up 358.28 m Up 1,187' Down 361.83 m Down

Carnuel, NM
Favorite small jump line @ fire trail

Mazeppa Park

4.9 mi 7.9 km 258' Up 78.62 m Up 261' Down 79.41 m Down

Mooresv…, NC
Favorite Swamp Monster Area in the Outer Loop.

Charleston Park

10.3 mi 16.6 km 474' Up 144.5 m Up 474' Down 144.52 m Down

Cumming, GA
Favorite Gorgeous Fall colors on the descent through aspen groves

Flying Dog Loop

16.9 mi 27.1 km 1,935' Up 589.66 m Up 1,935' Down 589.7 m Down

Snyderv…, UT
Favorite One of only a few switchbacks on the Backbone Trail

Backbone Trail: Will Rogers to Temescal Ridge

14.2 mi 22.8 km 1,953' Up 595.27 m Up 1,970' Down 600.39 m Down

Santa M…, CA
Favorite Berms on Tortoise.

Jonathan Dickinson State Park - MTB Trails

9.0 mi 14.5 km 198' Up 60.41 m Up 196' Down 59.79 m Down

Tequesta, FL
Favorite Quick break next to a fern lined creek at Lake James.

Lake James State Park

13.1 mi 21.1 km 607' Up 184.99 m Up 608' Down 185.26 m Down

Glen Al…, NC
Favorite Looking for his or her mom

Whiting Ranch Loop

7.1 mi 11.4 km 690' Up 210.22 m Up 685' Down 208.87 m Down

Foothil…, CA
Favorite I love me some City Park! I've been riding it for years and it still both humbles me and brings a smile to my face.

Emma Long Motocross Park: Main Loop

5.7 mi 9.1 km 529' Up 161.09 m Up 529' Down 161.13 m Down

Lost Creek, TX
Favorite Small, creative jump.

Back Yard Trails (BYT)

16.8 mi 27.0 km 743' Up 226.36 m Up 750' Down 228.59 m Down

Charlotte, NC
Favorite Fall = good color on the Too Long Trail

Elk Meadow/Bergen Peak Loop

8.4 mi 13.5 km 1,694' Up 516.25 m Up 1,695' Down 516.56 m Down

Kittredge, CO
Favorite This loop is a must! The ridge-line trails are amazing.

Monolith Gardens

9.4 mi 15.2 km 748' Up 227.94 m Up 747' Down 227.83 m Down

Kingman, AZ
Favorite The 2006 SWorks along the Goodwater Loop with Lake Georgetown and the prehistoric
Native American shelter and burned midden in the background.

Goodwater Loop of Lake Georgetown - IMBA EPIC

26.3 mi 42.2 km 837' Up 255 m Up 842' Down 256.5 m Down

Serenada, TX
Favorite The Bumble Bee segment of the Black Canyon trail has an abundance of giant saguaros.

Black Canyon Trail (BCT) - IMBA EPIC

77.5 mi 124.8 km 3,897' Up 1187.88 m Up 6,640' Down 2023.97 m Down

Spring…, AZ
Favorite Monarch Crest

Monarch to Fooses Creek

13.9 mi 22.3 km 638' Up 194.32 m Up 3,152' Down 960.79 m Down

Whitepine, CO
Favorite Kim Hardin racing Bad Motor Scooter (158) during the Cascadia Dirt Cup on her way to the win.

Post Canyon Hot Lap

9.6 mi 15.4 km 1,314' Up 400.45 m Up 1,305' Down 397.91 m Down

Hood River, OR
Favorite Beautiful and challenging limestone section on XX Extension.

Palos Tour

14.8 mi 23.8 km 736' Up 224.41 m Up 736' Down 224.43 m Down

Willow…, IL
Favorite Old me on the old bike.

Quarry Trail

6.7 mi 10.7 km 1,142' Up 347.95 m Up 1,141' Down 347.84 m Down

Granite, UT
Favorite One of many creek crossings on the Mountain Lion descent

Rocky Mountain High Trail

7.0 mi 11.2 km 1,508' Up 459.52 m Up 1,511' Down 460.48 m Down

Coal Creek, CO
Favorite Beautiful and green, overlooking the ski area

Jenni's/Tommy's/Mojave/Mid Mountain/CMG

10.6 mi 17.0 km 1,826' Up 556.61 m Up 1,828' Down 557.1 m Down

Park City, UT
Favorite Uma Kleppinger riding below Mt. Hood on the Timberline to Town trail.

Timberline to Rhododendron

15.7 mi 25.2 km 202' Up 61.68 m Up 4,387' Down 1337.18 m Down

Governm…, OR
Favorite New new features


5.0 mi 8.1 km 486' Up 148.27 m Up 484' Down 147.51 m Down

Elk River, MN
Favorite The BIG drop at the very end of Mulligan's at the Brushy Creek Regional Trail System

Brushy Creek: Mulligan and Deception

7.7 mi 12.4 km 343' Up 104.41 m Up 342' Down 104.39 m Down

Cedar Park, TX
Favorite Just another flowy section on the colorado tail cutting through the aspens

Colorado Trail: The Entire MTB Route - IMBA EPIC

549.3 mi 884.0 km 71,117' Up 21676.5 m Up 69,664' Down 21233.6 m Down

Roxboro…, CO
Favorite The final stretch of Captain Ahab is rowdy, fast and fun.

Amasa Back / Cliffhanger

9.1 mi 14.6 km 1,413' Up 430.64 m Up 1,414' Down 430.9 m Down

Moab, UT
Favorite Emigrant Trail, Tahoe National Forest.

Commemorative Overland Emigrant Trail

15.4 mi 24.8 km 829' Up 252.59 m Up 1,073' Down 327.02 m Down

Truckee, CA
Favorite Riding one of the many line choices at the top

Floyd Hill DH Loop

4.1 mi 6.5 km 694' Up 211.43 m Up 697' Down 212.34 m Down

Idaho S…, CO
Favorite Pike's Peak view from the western side of the trail.

Ute Valley Loop

4.0 mi 6.5 km 317' Up 96.5 m Up 313' Down 95.3 m Down

Air For…, CO
Favorite Loose but Fast - Green Trail

Fort Custer MTB Trails - Singletrack Tour

15.1 mi 24.3 km 393' Up 119.78 m Up 393' Down 119.67 m Down

Augusta, MI
Favorite Yep, that's straight down.

Andrews University Full Tour

8.6 mi 13.8 km 507' Up 154.53 m Up 504' Down 153.6 m Down

Berrien…, MI